Window ac installation pack (Standard wooden window)

1,000.00 500.00 Inclusive Of All Taxes

Complimentary stabilizer installation service

Fast & Quick Service

Installation by experienced installers



Standard window ac installation consists of following duties of the installer

  • Installing your new or old window ac in the wooden window with the exact same size of the air conditioner or slightly higher than ac’s dimensions so that gap can be filled with clay or foam
  • Removing any pre-installed glass or metal grill in the wooden window frame where ac needs to be installed
  • If there is a stabilizer installer will hang it on the wall too.
  • Giving electrical supply to ac from a nearby pre-existing electrical point.
  • If the window size is higher than that of ac and needs to be reduced than ply and wood will be charged at actual basis at a rate of Rs50/- per running feet and square feet.



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