LG P8237R3SA Semi Automatic Washing Machine

13,390.00 12,490.00 Inclusive Of All Taxes

  • Installation is not needed for this product. For any queries/support, please call LG directly on 1800-315-9999 and provide the products model name.
  • Semi-automatic washing machine; 7.2 kg capacity
  • 2 years warranty on the product
  • 4 wash programs
  • Water Inlet: Cold; Wash Tub Capacity: 7.2 kilograms
  • Roller jet pulsator
  • Spin Tub Capacity: 6; Wash Timer: 15 minutes; Spin Motor: 260 watts; Spin Timer: 10 minutes; Wash Motor: 360 watts
  • Powerful washing and wind jet dry
  • Anti vibration rubber, spin shower, collar scrubber, wash window, rust free plastic base




Product Description

This semi automatic washing machine is made up of special fiber which also keeps up rats away from machine , This LG P8237R3SA comes in Mauve Translucent lids which gives stunning looks

Ensure complete care of your clothes and peace of mind with this machine.The plastic body ensures it is durable and is also shock and rust proof. The Roller Jet pulsator causes added friction to the clothes, removing dust and mites, giving you better quality wash.

Roller Jet Pulsator

The rollers causes added friction to the clothes, removing dust & mites. This results in a better quality wash.

Punch + 3

“Punch+3” features one main pulsator and three mini pulsators around. The punch action creates three powerful streams of water which move repeatedly the laundry up and down in the drum ensuring that the tough soil is removed from your laundry. This unique structure of pulsator brings optimal washing action to your washer.

Wind Jet Dry

Wind Jet Dry so fresh, ready to Iron and wear

  • Reduce remaining moisture inside of washing machine and on the laundry.
  • By tub spinning, air comes into the tub and is circulated which removes water.
  • Circulation of air through air vents dries washing tub after finishing washing program in a short time
  • To keep inner tub from getting moldy caused by remaining moisture
Plastic Body

The sturdy plastic body provides strong resistance against corrosion and rusting, which leads to better performance as well as much longer life of the washing Machine.

3+1 Wash Program: Gentle,Normal, Strong, Soak

The machine has various wash programs ensuring a safe and customized wash for every fabric type. Along with Gentle/ Normal /Strong it also has unique Soak feature for good wash quality.

Soak Option

The machine’s unique soak process soaks clothes in a concentrated detergent solution for 20-25 minutes to help loosen tough dirt particles.

Brand LG
Model P8237R3S
Capacity 7.2 Kilograms
Maximum Rotational Speed 740 RPM
Installation Type Free-Standing
Part Number P8237R3S
Form Factor Top-Loading
Colour Mauve
Control Console Semi Automatic
Access Location Top-load


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